About Me

          Hanging out near a waterfall in Washington


    I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago. As a kid, I had trouble making friends. When the other girls my age were getting interested in boys, clothes and makeup, I had my head in the clouds. I enjoyed playing drawn-out "pretend" games. I also learned to read and write at a very young age... I knew how to read before I was even potty trained! Books were my friends. Writing my own stories was my connection to the world. 

    When I write for children, I like to create stories that encourage them to be kind to others, and to enjoy being themselves. I would love to give kids the message that there are so many ways to be different, and we need to appreciate the differences in ourselves and others. 

    I currently work with children with special needs. I have a degree in special education, and I am hoping to earn my early childhood education approval to that soon. I dream of being able to have my own classroom where I can help children express themselves and enjoy learning new things. I also have ADHD and Aspergers... another reason it is so important to me to encourage kids to be themselves and appreciate differences in others. 

    I love animals. Right now I have two dogs named Trixie and Lily. They light up my life! 







My Publisher

Strebekers Books is a new, independent publishing company. I am grateful to them for all their help in turning my first children's book, The Princess's New Hair, into a reality!